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QHHT is an unique technique in the world to get healing physically, emotionally and spiritually from your own higher self. It is a combination of advanced past life regression and subconscious healing. 

I am a certified and experienced practitioner of QHHT and did sessions to hundreds of clients for finding solutions and answers to thousands of problems and questions.


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is the world No.1 technique for healing. QHHT is a life changing session to so many people. It is unique for each and everyone. It is a process of hypnosis for past life regression, access to your subconscious to find answers for your questions and healing.

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Subconscious healing is very powerful & fast. Instant healings also happened to some cases. Healing may happen physically, emotionally and spiritually if it is appropriate. The best part of QHHT is we can talk with subconscious directly to get solutions to all the problems.

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Client may go to past lives, present life, future lives as any creature or animal in the multi universes according to the problems facing at present. It includes spiritual regressions meeting the guides, angles and getting messages from ansisters. Anything may come some are out of our imaginations.

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Different kinds of people with different age groups were taken the sessions. Students to doctors, old people, ladies & gents. Any one can take the session. You can see how people get results from QHHT and you can see the total testimonials here.

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Global Facts of QHHT

  • QHHT invented by Dolores Cannon.
  • 40 years refined this process.
  • Thousands of practitioners are doing like me.
  • Lakhs of people got healed through this process.
  • All the people getting similar results.
  • All people connecting to same subconscious.
  • Instant and normal healing happening everywhere.
  • Every one getting past lives.
  • 50% of people go to other than human lives.

Why Choose QHHT?

Very Powerful

QHHT session is very powerful & devine. Instant healing may happen. Though this session we can connect to any kind of source in the universe for help, if it is appropriate. We can directly talk with the higher self and get solutions to our problems. Entire universe is ready to help us if we ask.

1 Stop Solution

QHHT is one stop solution for many problems. This session is applicable to all kinds of problems. There is no limitations for subconscious. QHHT can deal with illness, relationship problems, fears, guidance for the future. You will get the answers to all questions from the highest source of knowledge in the universe.

Trusted Healings

Interesting thing here is everything will be experienced by you only. You will go to your own past lives. You will experience. Your subconscious will give solution to your question and Your subconscious will heal you. We are just a guide to this process. That’s why 100% trusted healing.


Here’s what just some of our clients have said

I got instant healing to my health issues to my and my family. I got wonderful solution to my personal & professional issues. My life is totally changed from misery to mystery. Why I am saying mystery,because I went to future in this present life. Its really amazing. I am so much excited.

Ramakrishna — Software Engineer, Noida.

QHHT given new life to my. After the session I literally cired with happiness. I got instantly healed for my knee pains. This is through surrogate healing . That is great. Impossible becomes possible through QHHT. Daily I am saying thanks to subconscious for healing me.

DhanaLakshmi, Steel plant Employee wife, Vishakapatnam.

Talking with Subconscious is really wonderful feeling. Subconscious is having so much love and affection towards us. We are really blessed. I witnessed healing to me and my friends and relatives. I got wonderful divine guidance to my life.

Madhu, Employee in Advertising Company, Hyderabad.

For expert guidance and know - how your problems can solve though QHHT...

Frequently Asked Questions

These are just some of the most common questions we get asked. For anything else, please contact us – we would be delighted to help.

I will go to past life. Is there any chances that I come back?

This types of cases never happened anyone to any where in the world. Maximum 2 hours any one can stay in past life. After that every one will come to present life. It is a natural process.

Can I able to go in trance state and past lives?

Yes. Every one can. Before the session there is preparation part will be there. After following that process, it is very easy to all.

What industries do you specialize in?

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Hyderabad, Telangana State,
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+91 9642591262

Do you have questions about how QHHT can help you to solve your Problems and healing? Send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly.

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